Christmas- Why Bother?

Posted by Bill Hart on Dec 14, 2016 10:50:51 AM

It's Christmas Season - Why Bother will all the rush?

This blog is based upon a blog I wrote several years ago on Why bother with Christmas. It is worth reading again.

Last night we watched the Grinch That Stole Christmas which is one of my favorite Christmas stories. The Grinch hated Christmas for he thought it was all commercial and no real meaning. Do you have that perspective related to Christmas? Do you have the perspective with life in general, that there is not a real meaning?

Well, when the Grinch stole Christmas and Christmas still came, he knew that Christmas was "so much more than what can be bought in a store". His heart grew three times as big and he saved the slay, returned the toys and even "got to carve the roast beast." The Grinch had found purpose.

Too many times we lose perspective because we have lost purpose. Simon Sinek in his famous TED talk says that you must begin what you do with a purpose or begin with "Why?", not "What or How".  Beginning with "Why" gives you purpose.

If you are engaged in sales and your "Why" is just to make another dollar, then you will lose your mojo in winning customers over. They will begin to sense that your drive is all about you and not about them. Without a true purpose in Christmas, the holiday becomes trivial, "noise, noise, noise" as the Grinch said. Without purpose of wanting to help your customers be better, your sales efforts become self-centered and lose purpose. 

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